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Quotes about the Bird . . .


"He's the Pauly Shore of Star 94"

Ryan Seacrest.


"He's a cross between Ted Turner

and Pee Wee Herman"

Tom Kline

J.Bird is a favorite with audiences across the country but still calls Atlanta home. As the “In Arena” host for the Atlanta Thrashers for more than a decades he appeared regularly in front of thousands, as co-host of the NOPI Tunervision show on the Speed channel he appeared weekly in prime time in front of millions, but as the South's official goof-ball he has been serving up his own brand of hi-jinx for over 25 years! 

He currently serves as one of the "In Arena" hosts for the Gwinnett Gladiators. He also still produces and stars in the live NOPI Shows across the country.

He was born in December of 1961 in Atlanta Georgia, but moved quite a bit during his childhood attending grade school and secondary school in places like Columbia SC, Augusta GA, and Washington DC. He also spent a while living in Memphis TN the hometown of his favorite entertainer Elvis.

As a resident of the Atlanta area since 1980 he started his career as J.Bird in the late 80's and continues to this very day!