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Need For Speed Prostreet Video Game

Many of you know that I was privileged to work on the video game "Need for Speed Prostreet". I played the part of one of the announcers in the game called J-Mac. The guys from EA (makers of the game) actually came looking for me after they watched the Nopi Tunervision show on Speed channel. I guess they liked the way I voiced the drag racing portion of the show. Anyway, it was a great honor and alot of fun. I noticed that people were posting clips from the game on YouTube and getting thousands of hits, so I thought I would add some here for you. Enjoy!

This is what happens when a player actually beats the game . . .
This is actual "game play" of someone beating the Drag Racing King, Karol Monroe.
In this clip a player defeats the Speed King, Nate Denver!